Dedicated to my best fur friend, who sadly passed away in February of 2021.  For over 9 years, he was by my side.  Before I met my wife, before I had my son, there was Banksy.  Though he is physically gone, I will never truly let him be gone.  This is my small way of keeping him alive.

100% of proceeds will go to Long Island Bulldog rescue, to help them continue to do amazing work.

Buy a sticker or pin, post it in NY, NJ, CA, FL, Europe, China, etc. Let's bring Banksy around the world.

Back Story

I picked up Banksy when he was 8 weeks old. He was no bigger than my shoe at that point. I was 28 years old at the time. I grew up with dogs, but Banksy was my first dog as an adult. He was my first real test of responsibility. Over the next 9 years We both taught each other a lot. I taught him to sit, he taught me how to love unconditionally..I taught him how to give high five, he taught me that it’s really hard getting a pee smell out of a carpet. He was my best friend. Through jobs, unemployment, apt to apt and even living/sharing a couch at one point when we didn’t have a place to live...he was there. It was the reciprocal instant love between my wife and him that solidified she was the one. In many ways, her and I are together because of him. He was our dog, our roommate, and our son Dylan’s big brother. Dylan’s first word was ‘mama’ and his second, as he pointed at him every morning yelling, was ‘Baba’. He was one of a kind, stubborn, a pain in the ass...and part of my soul. Nothing I can do or will ever do will bring him back or come close to expressing how much he meant to me...but no matter what, I’ll continue to do things to keep his memory alive.

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